Boston Celtics

It turns out LeBron James still has the ability to potentially destroy the Celtics’ plans at another title, even if he’s no longer dominating them and the rest of the Eastern Conference.

LeBron’s latest potential doomsday plan for the Celtics comes with word from Bleacher Report’s Ric Bucher that Irving has a ‘genuine interest’ in reuniting with James, now with the Lakers, according to a Celtics source.

The rumor comes on the heels of Anthony Davis requesting a trade out of New Orleans, likely trying to finagle a move to the Lakers, and with a growing belief among people within league circles are not convinced that Irving will re-sign with Boston next summer.

It goes beyond just the last 24 hours, though, as Irving admitted to calling James a few weeks ago and apologizing for being a big-headed young player, and with James singing to his phone and tagging Irving in an Instagram story.

Irving, of course, verbally committed to a long-term future in Boston just before the start of the regular season, but has definitely been tested as a leader this season, as the Celtics have failed to be the Eastern Conference juggernaut many believed they would be.

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