New England Patriots

Shocker, Colin Cowherd has a take about the Patriots. The host of FOX Sports’ The Herd believes that 2018 is more of a down year for the Patriots with a bright future ahead, rather than the end of the dynasty.

But because of that, Cowherd still believes they’re as vulnerable as they’ll be for the foreseeable future. And if the Kansas City Chiefs can’t beat them on Sunday in the AFC Championship Game, they won’t for a long time.

“If New England goes to Kansas City and wins this weekend … AFC, wave the white flag,” said Cowherd. “I don’t remember a New England year that was more off-brand, when they were more vulnerable. Kansas City, you don’t beat them this weekend – 9 degrees, at home, MVP, healthy – you’re not beating them for a while, because this one is set up.”

Cowherd is using both the Patriots’ uncommon level of controversy since the offseason, and their impeccable performance in their win over the Chargers last Sunday, against them. He doesn’t see the Patriots playing at the same level they did against L.A. at home on the road against the Chiefs.

“In the NFL you never play the same back-to-back weeks,” said Cowherd. “New England’s not going to play that well! New England can’t be perfect. Not even new England’s perfect back-to-back weekends. They were perfect [against the Chargers]. That won’t happen again.

“Cross your fingers in Kansas City. You better be all in on this puppy, because this is the un-Patriot Patriot season. And here they come.”

Cowherd is still issuing a warning to the Chiefs not to take the Patriots any lighter because they’re playing on the road. If the Patriots do play like they did against the Chargers on Sunday, they could pull off the upset. And yes, it would be an upset – the Patriots are road underdogs for the first time since the 2013 AFC Championship Game against the Broncos.

Ultimately, Cowherd’s take isn’t all that unreasonable. It’s lining up well for the Chiefs to top the Patriots on their home field, and it’s only likely to get harder to beat the Pats in the postseason in 2019 and beyond, due to the promise of reloading the roster.

“New England’s got 12 draft picks. Twelve of them,” said Cowherd. “So they’re coming. They’re gonna be really good next year. They’re gonna be favored again.”

Now’s the time for the Chiefs to pounce. But it’s only going to get harder if the Patriots use Cowherd’s latest take as motivation, and it seems like they’ve been doing more of that lately.

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