Boston Red Sox

By Matt McCarthy,

Manny Machado reportedly wants to become the highest-paid player in baseball history and he apparently wants to do it in a Yankee uniform, but it’s still uncertain if either of those wishes will come true.

According to Jon Heyman, Machado has received offers from the Philadelphia Phillies and the Chicago White Sox, but the New York Yankees have yet to put a formal offer on the table for the star infielder.

Without the Yankees getting involved, it’s hard to see either the Phillies or White Sox meeting Machado’s asking price, especially if they’re not close to the $325 million or more that Machado reportedly wants.

But by no means should the Yankees be considered out of the running yet. Brian Cashman is known to swoop in at the last minute to lure star free agents to the Bronx (think Mark Teixeira a decade ago).

It’s safe to say the Manny Machado saga is long from over.

Baseball’s never-ending offseason continues.

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