Boston Bruins

A snub from the 2019 NHL All-Star Game didn’t ruffle Patrice Bergeron’s feathers. In fact, based on what Bergeron told 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher and Rich on Wednesday, getting voted in as the Atlantic Division’s “Last Man In” certainly would.

“No, not really,” Bergeron said when asked if he cares about being voted in as the Atlantic’s last man in. “I’ve got a newborn baby boy, so obviously that time off would be nice to be home.”

In addition to the newest Bergeron baby added to the family, the 33-year-old pivot has battled through some injury woes this season, missing 16 games with a shoulder/rib injury. But the injuries of the year are something Bergeron, who is averaging a team-best 1.41 points per game, tried to downplay during his appearance with T&R. (Because of course he did.)

“I think it’s one of those things where many guys — if not all guys — are going through it and are doing it and still show up on the ice or show up at practice,” Bergeron acknowledged. “I think it’d be kinda wrong to send that message that I’m entitled to complain or say anything about it. I think it’s just about trying to be a good teammate and keep your problems to yourself.”

Bergeron and the B’s will look for their sixth straight victory on Thursday night against the Capitals.

You can also continue to not vote Bergeron into the All-Star Game through Jan. 10.

Listen to the complete interview below in Hour 4 of Wednesday’s show.