New England Patriots

By Matt Dolloff,

Bill Belichick seemed quite annoyed with a question from a reporter on Wednesday. Mainly because the reporter didn’t quite do enough research on the players he was asking about.

Open the video above and go to 3:54 to see the exchange. The reporter asked Belichick if there are any similarities between Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen and “Williams”, another wideout. Just one problem, which Belichick was quick to point out: “There’s two of them.”

After the reporter meekly said “Mike?” referring to receiver Mike Williams, Belichick launched a laser-beam death-stare into his soul. The reporter may have forgotten or simply didn’t realize that the Chargers also have a receiver named Tyrell Williams. So just one “Williams” wasn’t enough.

Belichick was kind enough to give an answer to the original question.

“Look, they have a very good receiving group,” said Belichick. “They’re big, they’re fast, they’re hard to tackle after the catch, they make big plays down the field. Both the Williams’, I think they’re averaging about 15 yards a catch, something like that. [Travis] Benjamin’s obviously an explosive guy that can score from anywhere on the field. Keenan Allen’s as good a receiver there is in the National Football League – big, quick, tough after the catch, hard guy to tackle, very good route runner, an exceptional route runner, great hands, concentration.

“So, I mean, they have a great group of receivers, good group of tight ends, good group of backs, and he uses all of them. It’s not one guy you’ve got to stop. Clearly, Allen’s been the most productive receiver by far, but I mean, I wouldn’t take anything away from any of those other guys.”

Let this be a friendly reminder, when asking Belichick about a particular player, to make sure you know the entire depth chart. Because Belichick certainly does.

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