Boston Bruins

By Ty Anderson,

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Nazem Kadri made a critical mistake on Saturday night: He thought he was going to get away with some rough stuff against a goaltender while Adam McQuaid was also on the ice.

Kadri, of course, paid by way of some crosschecks that hurt just to watch and a hip toss worthy of WWE consideration.

One of the things that’s always been absolutely fascinating about McQuaid is the fact that he has this potential to absolutely smoke an opponent physically — if they’re even willing to trade fists with him, which seems like a terrible idea nine times out of 10 — but remains of the nicest, most genuine people away from the rink.

Something I found worth sharing after he made Kadri look like he weighed about 86 pounds.

The responses from Bruins fans (as you’ll see if you click the tweet), were almost all overwhelmingly positive memories regarding McQuaid — be it as a tough guy or some of his ‘gentler’ moments away from the ice — and his time in Boston.

The general consensus: McQuaid is sorely missed in Boston.

Now, this tends to be the case with legitimately any athlete that was part of a championship team (let alone one that played in Boston for basically a decade), but the ‘they miss that bad dude’ vibes are certainly helped by the fact that the Bruins do not have a bonafide tough guy in their lineup at the moment. Zdeno Chara and Kevan Miller can be those guys for the Bruins, of course, but Chara is too important to scrap all the time and Miller has been limited to just 11 games this season.

And that’s been a piece that’s frequently been brought up as a noticeably missing element of Bruce Cassidy’s roster, though Cassidy himself has said that he doesn’t believe the B’s need an ‘enforcer’ on their roster.

Still, it’s little moments like last night’s in Toronto that absolutely make you miss No. 54.

McQuaid, by the way, will make his first trip back to TD Garden on Jan. 19 when the Rangers come to town.

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