Boston Celtics

Terry Rozier? Not a fan of the ‘very annoying’ outside noise that comes when the Celtics lose.

“I mean, obviously it’s been very good for us, winning our last couple games, so we want to keep it going,” Rozier told reporters after Saturday’s win. “And everybody can shut up, because everybody can be very annoying when we’re losing. Very annoying.”

It’s been an odd year for Rozier, to say the least.

In a year that began with rumors of Rozier seeking $20 million a year, Bill Simmons later started the rumor that Rozier wanted to be traded out of town earlier this year. Then Rozier rifled off some vague subtweets that could easily have been interpreted as unhappiness with his role as the C’s third-string point guard.

And most recently, Rozier gave an incredibly honest interview to The Athletic’s Jay King. In the interview, Rozier said that he ‘wanted everything he deserved’ as a pending restricted free agent, talked about the hard times he’s already gone through this season as a spare part, and by all means insinuated that he’s simply trying to get through this year.

Suffice to say there’s been a lot of noise that’s come Rozier’s way, win or lose.

But at least it appears that winning will help his mood for the time being.