Boston Celtics

It would not appear that Kyrie Irving is going to be cutting turkey and dining on cranberry sauce on Thursday.

In fact, the 26-year-old Irving seems more likely to flip your Thanksgiving spread than anything else.

“I don’t celebrate that s–t,” Irving told reporters. “F–k Thanksgiving.”

This is probably more than Irving simply letting off steam following an ugly loss to the New York Knicks, which dropped the Celtics to an underwhelming 9-9 through the first 18 games of the season.

It actually probably comes back to Irving’s Native American heritage, and the polarizing nature of their treatment in America dating all the way back to the first Thanksgiving celebration. Irving’s mother, who passed away when Irving was just four years old, was of Sioux descent, and Irving was recently honored by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.

Of course and as always, the Internet found a way to flip this their own way, as an old tweet in which Irving wished his Twitter followers a Happy Thanksgiving resurfaced shortly after the comment went public.