Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics wing Jaylen Brown, one of the most outspoken and obviously confident Celtic talents, was asked a somewhat simple (albeit loaded question): How many championships does he see himself having at the age of 28?

“I don’t want to jinx myself, and I don’t play to lose,” Brown said. “So I’m going to give it a five.”

A reminder: Brown, now in his third NBA season, is 22. So that’s a solid five titles in six years pace.

But Brown, who wasted no time trash-talking LeBron James during the C’s third-round series with the Cavaliers last year, and essentially declared the East to be Boston’s throughout the summer, wants you to know that this proclamation is coming from a place of confidence, not cockiness.

To make that happen, the Celtics will likely have to beat a Golden State Warriors squad that’s won back-to-back titles.

“Super confident,” Brown said when asked about the C’s chances this season. “I’m not being arrogant — and we’re going to have to take steps to be the team we say we want to be, but we have the mindset of a champion. That’s where it starts.”