Boston Red Sox

In anything but a shocking development, veteran Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia was not a happy customer following New York’s season-ending Game 4 loss to the Boston Red Sox at Yankee Stadium.

But Sabathia’s anger was not at himself for failing to make it beyond the third inning in what finished as a 59-pitch outing for the 38-year-old. Or for surrendering three earned runs on five hits and two walks over that stretch. No, Sabathia was most annoyed with notably terrible umpire Angel Hernandez, who was on home plate duty in the loss.

“He’s absolutely terrible,” Sabathia said of Hernandez. “He was terrible behind the plate today. He was terrible at first base. It’s amazing how he’s getting jobs umpiring in these playoff games.

“He shouldn’t be anywhere near these playoff games. He’s bad. I don’t understand why he’s doing these games.”

Sabathia, unlike his team of the last 10 seasons, was not done.

“It’s sad that he’s doing these games,” the lefty continued. “It’s crazy. He’s always bad. He’s a bad umpire.”

Of course, criticism of Hernandez is nothing new, as TBS analyst and Red Sox legend Pedro Martinez wasted no time ripping into Hernandez and his woeful performance at first base after Monday’s Game 3 and then ripping him again before Game 4.

Boston starter and Game 4 victor Rick Porcello, however, had a different stance on Angel’s night behind the plate, and offered Sabathia some rather blunt ‘advice’ on how to ‘win’ an umpire’s calls.

“Throw the ball over the plate CC,” Porcello said when relayed Sabathia’s comments. “I thought Angel Hernandez called a good game. You gotta out the ball over the white part of the plate and then you get the strikes called.”

It’s almost a shame we’re gonna have to wait until 2019 for the next Red Sox-Yankees tilt, and that Sabathia, who is a free agent this winter and indicated he would retire if the Yankees won the World Series, may not even be part of it.