By Ty Anderson,

Through his four four games with the Los Angeles Rams, one-year Patriot Brandin Cooks has totaled 452 yards on 26 catches for a Rams squad that’s now 4-0 on the year. Cooks was especially dangerous in Thursday’s 38-31 win over the Minnesota Vikings, as he hauled in seven of his eight targets for 116 yards and a touchdown.

“I didn’t watch the [Minnesota-Los Angeles] game, but they’re playing good,” Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said of Cooks and the Rams. “They’ve got a good team. I think to be undefeated, you’ve got to be good. You know, the Dolphins are undefeated, they’ve got a lot of good players and it’s going to take us playing really well to beat them.”

And in Miami, New England playoff hero Danny Amendola has totaled 100 yards on 11 grabs for a Dolphins team that enters their Week 4 showdown with the Patriots at Gillette Stadium atop the AFC East by way of their 3-0 record.

To make matters worse, this has come while Brady has seen his team dress just three pass-catching wideouts in two out of three games, and with no Patriot wideout having more than 12 catches and 110 yards on the year. (Phillip Dorsett is the leader in both those statistical categories, by the way, and that’s after a Week 3 that saw him miss all five of his targets.)

But the 41-year-old quarterback isn’t letting his former teammates’ results out of Foxboro get to him.

“No, not really,” Brady said Friday when asked if their success elsewhere has frustrated him. “I’m happy for those guys, and usually when you leave, it’s because you get good opportunities in other places. I’m just usually generally frustrated about football in general just because it’s a frustrating sport. But I’m certainly happy for guys when they do well.”

Instead, Brady is focusing on what he can control, and that’s executing with what he currently has on the roster.

“There’s no like, “Hey, this is guaranteed to work or guaranteed to score touchdowns.” It’s about good execution and good communication, good concentration and making plays on third down,” offered Brady. “We’ve got to do a good job of that. We haven’t done a great job of that thus far, but we’ve been working hard on things this week and hopefully we’re at a better place. We’re trying to make improvement and that’s what obviously playing football is all about.”

And while there’s nothing Brady can do to bring Amendola or Cooks back into frame, he has to hope that help is around the corner when it comes to revitalizing the New England air attack, as Josh Gordon (hamstring) continues to work towards a debut while Julian Edelman serves the fourth and final game of his four-game suspension this weekend.

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