New England Patriots

Coming off a 31-20 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will take their act to Ford Field for a Sunday Night Football meeting against the winless Detroit Lions.

It will also be a reunion with former Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia, now the head coach of the Lions, as he goes up against former mentor and Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

This will be the first Patriots-Lions head-to-head since 2014.

Here are the 98.5 The Sports Hub staff’s picks for how it will all shake down Sunday in Detroit…

Ty Anderson (Writer/columnist,

Alright, I’m 0-2 out of the gate here, but I’m basically putting it all on this one— The Patriots are going to absolutely wallop the Lions. It’s going to be absurd. They’re pissed about getting their asses kicked by Jacksonville, and Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will feel this need to unite and destroy the competition after this latest round of unnamed sources saying they hate each other. And the Lions allowed about a billion points to the New York Jets, so there’s that.

Also: Matt Patricia looks like what I imagine every Drunken Red Sox Recap participant looks like, and he’s singlehandedly keeping the pencil industry alive. It’s his fault Malcolm Butler didn’t play in Super Bowl LII.

(If I’m wrong, I am going to start tanking and selling off my picks to the highest bidder. Rebuild, baby.)

Patriots 41, Lions 24.

Christian Arcand (Co-host, The Adam Jones Show)

I see the Pats getting out to an early lead and Patricia’s Lions struggling to stay in the game. New Patriots wide receiver Josh Gordon (if he plays) and rookie running back Sony Michel both get their first touchdown of the season, and Lions coach Matt Patricia’s inauspicious start to his head coaching career gets worse.
Patriots 27, Lions 17.


Adam Jones (The Adam Jones Show)

Bill Belichick’s coaching tree stinks. And Matt Patricia is the biggest, stinkiest branch. Pats get back on track in prime time.

Patriots 40, Lions 10.

Tony Massarotti (Co-host, Felger and Mazz)

Are the Pats better the Lions? Of course. But Detroit is desperate, Detroit is home and Detroit has a lot of skill players – Marvin Jones, Golden Tate, Theo Reddick, among others – and teams with that many options (like Philly in the Super Bowl) can give the Patriots defense problems. They’ll win. But it won’t be as easy as you’d like.

Patriots 34, Lions 31.

Matt McCarthy (98.5 The Sports Hub)

You couldn’t ask for much better matchup coming off a loss. The Patriots will feast on this Lions defense and Matthew Stafford is so awful even he won’t be able to torch this lousy Patriots defense. The Lions lost to the Jets, who are so bad they became the first team since the Reagan Administration to lose to the Cleveland Browns.
The Lions should be relegated to the CFL. Detroit is basically Canada anyway.
Patriots 33, Lions 19.

Mike ‘Sarge’ Riley (98.5 The Sports Hub)

Going into the season, I had the Patriots starting 2-2 without Julian Edelman. That, of course, is still on the table, but I can’t see Belichick losing back-to-back games this early.

In fact, a “Sarge Stat” for you:  the last time the Patriots lost consecutively in Weeks 2 and 3 of a season was 2012 (vs. Arizona and at Baltimore). And the last time they lost consecutive games was in 2016 when it happened twice, first in Weeks 12-13 (Broncos, Eagles) and then again in weeks 16-17 (Jets, Dolphins). Oh, and Tom Brady is 45-10 coming off a loss. He knows a thing or two about Matt Patricia’s defense, as well, which could be without cornerback Darius Slay.

I know it’s only been two games for the Patriots and the Lions, but I am not impressed with Detroit at all, especially after getting the smackdown laid down on them by the Jets in Patricia’s debut as a head coach.

Gimme the teacher over the student in this one.

Patriots 31, Lions 22.
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