New England Patriots

By Matt Dolloff,

Skip Bayless’ latest Patriots take is a scorcher, even by Skip Bayless standards. Get your welding masks on.

I don’t usually give these kinds of hot take artists platforms on this website. Bayless, in particular, makes my colleague Michael Felger look like Bob Woodward. But this one gave me a laugh so I felt compelled to share it. Apologies in advance.

Bayless came right out on Twitter on Wednesday night, seemingly out of nowhere, with an absolute barn-burner. Suggesting that Bill Belichick should be fired is bad enough in the first place. But his reasoning? To give Belichick a chance to win a Super Bowl without Tom Brady.

So if Belichick is so great that he can win a Super Bowl without Brady, the best course of action for Kraft is to … let him go win with another team? And gamble on Josh McDaniels in the process?


Bayless also brought up that “people forget” Belichick’s sub-.500 record without Brady as his quarterback. Felger & Mazz listeners don’t forget. Caller-troll extraordinaire “Carlton in Tampa” brings it up virtually every time he calls.

Hopefully, Kraft isn’t listening to a word Bayless says. Too many people already are.

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