New England Patriots

Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey has never had a thought he didn’t want to share.

That was made clear with Ramsey’s blunt analysis of the National Football League’s quarterbacks, and with his commentary on New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. In that dissection of Gronkowski’s play, the third-year pro talked about Gronkowski wasn’t that good, and how his numbers drastically go down when matched up against an elite cornerback.

“There’s a lot of good trash-talkers in the league but I’ll put him right up there for sure,” Gronkowski credited Ramsey.

But with a 2017 AFC Championship Game rematch showdown between the Jaguars and Patriots set for this Sunday afternoon in Jacksonville, Ramsey clarified his thoughts on Gronkowski as a football player on Thursday, but not by much. In fact, Ramsey only further insisted on a Gronkowski head-to-head when asked about No. 87 being considered an all-time great.

“I might be crazy, I don’t care,” Ramsey said. “He’s good, don’t get it twisted, he’s good. You saying this to me is supposed to bring fear to me or something? I don’t fear no man, period. So he’s going to have to come out there and line up on me.”

Ramsey’s challenge comes just days after he was torched by the Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. for 11 catches and 111 yards in Week 1, and after Gronkowski hauled in seven of his eight targets for 123 yards and a touchdown in a 27-20 win over the Texans.

Gronkowski, meanwhile, has done his part to simply ignore Ramsey’s chirping, but isn’t backing down from the challenge.

“That’s some good percentages still,” the 29-year-old Gronkowski said when asked about Ramsey’s assertion that the tight end’s catch percentage drops from 71 percent to 56 percent when matched up against a cornerback. “I mean, I don’t really go into statistics like that. I’ve just got to play ball. That’s basically all. I’ve got to come out and play ball.”