New England Patriots

Super Bowl LII may be long over, and the calendar may have flipped to the 2018 NFL season, but Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson is still finding ways to talk about the New England Patriots.

En route to the first touchdown of the new NFL year, the Eagles pulled out a trick play reminiscent of the iconic Burton-to-Foles touchdown pass that helped defeat the Patriots in Minnesota this past February. Asked about it after the game, Johnson made sure to note that the play was different from the original ‘Philly Special,’ and to throw a jab at Tom Brady all the while.


To recap everything — and this is exhausting — Johnson started his anti-Patriots ramblings by saying he wanted to ‘dethrone’ Brady. He then called the Patriots a ‘fear-based’ organization, and accused the Patriots of talking [expletive] all week during the Super Bowl. It’s been absolutely impossible to find any sort of real example of that being anything close to the truth, by the way.

But most of Johnson’s post-victory ramblings against the Pats centered around one ‘point:’ The Patriots don’t have fun.

Johnson, who challenged Patriots fans to ‘raise hell,’ then made his way to Foxboro this preseason and acted bewildered when he was pressed about the Patriots having fun in their preseason meeting with the Eagles (one that saw their defense absolutely dominate Johnson and the rest of the Philly O-line). He at one point said that there was not a ‘fun meter’ on the sidelines.

This is all kinda incredible when you remember that the Eagles actually, y’know, won the game.

Ignoring the fact that the version of fun the Eagles and Falcons put forth on Thursday night made almost everybody in the country hate football by way of a sloppy 18-12 final, Johnson’s focus on the Patriots seems downright obsessive at this point.

And it’s obvious that he’s going to talk about the Patriots forever.

Even when there’s seemingly no way to do so.