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New England Patriots

Last season’s Super Bowl LII showdown between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles had its share of intensity. Such is life when you’re an underdog No. 1 seed going against the greatest professional sports dynasty of the 21st century.

But the meeting was apparently personal for Eagles running back LeGarrette Blount.

Featured in the ‘America’s Game’ documentary showcasing the 2017 Eagles, the veteran Blount touched on his exit from the Patriots, and how badly he wanted to return to the Patriots following their Super Bowl LI comeback win over the Atlanta Falcons. A feeling was not mutual, as it turned out, as Blount’s free agent odyssey ended with a new jersey in Philadelphia.

“The way things ended there was not to my liking,” Blount, whose one-year deal with the Eagles was worth less than $3 million, said. “I had told them how bad I wanted to be there and how much I wanted to stay there and I didn’t want to leave, and, you know, they couldn’t get a deal done for me. I just feel like they didn’t respect me, you know, at all.”

Blount turned that frustration with a perceived lack of respect into a Super Bowl LII showing that saw him rush for 90 yards and a score on just 14 touches. But it also ended with the man that didn’t ‘respect’ him in contract discussions, Pats head coach Bill Belichick, sharing a moment with Blount and essentially telling him that he deserved his second ring in as many years.

Blount, now with the Detroit Lions, will clash with the Patriots in Week 3 on Sunday Night Football.