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Police in Cranston, R.I. say they recovered the body of “Knox”, a five-year-old English Bulldog owned by former Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo, after a weeks-long search. They are charging the trainer, Amelia Ferreira, with obstruction with further charges possibly to follow.

According to a report on the website for the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Knox died while in custody of Ferreira in Cranston. The obstruction charge purports that Ferreira concealed evidence related to the investigation. According to CBS Boston, Ferreira admitted to police that the dog died in her home and that she left the body in a bag.

According to Mayo on Instagram, Ferreira hid the deceased dog’s body in a trash bag and kept it in a closet for two months while the search went on. The Mayo family hired SCUBA teams, private investigators, and others to assist in locating Knox while the dog was missing.

Unfortunately, the answers we prayed for regarding Knox aren’t ones we were ready to face. Knowing what we know now about @offleashk9trainingprov @offleashk9training we mentally explored every outcome possible and the reality is we were right. Knox has passed and his BODY WAS FOUND IN THE HOME OF THE OFFLEASH TRAINER. IT’s disgusting and inhumane that a company full of “dog lovers” would hide a family pet IN A CLOSET FOR TWO MONTHS and compulsively lie and send us on a wild goose hunt and our kids on an emotional rollercoaster. Staging him running away, him being stolen, even him drowning having us knocking on doors sending us false leads as we searched two states. We’ve hired scuba teams, private investigators, lawyers and more when they knew they HAD HIM IN THEIR HOME IN A TRASH BAG tucked away the whole two months. Yeah A TRASH BAG! We raised Knox like our child as you guys can see from our photos and those of you who know us. It hurts to have to accept that our beloved Knox was thought of as trash as they saw our family hurting. Currently all that these people are facing is obstruction. Not animal cruelty????????‍♀️ or filing false police reports or for plain ole tossing someone’s family member in a trash bag and storing it! From the Mayo family, we want to thank all of the people who spent countless hours looking for Knox. To our social media family, thank you for posting every day. We still have work to do.....we need to bring awareness to this problem so it never happens again. This is just getting started #repost #justice4knox #knoxmayo #offleashk9training #olk9training #olk9ri #offleashk9 #ripknox #knoxslaw

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Evidence revealed that Ferreira “has known the whereabouts of Knox’s deceased body for several weeks and intentionally concealed his body from authorities”.

The cause of Knox’s death is unknown at this time. Pending the results of a necropsy, police may also bring animal cruelty charges on Ferreira.

Mayo, 32, played from 2008-15 with the Patriots, winning a Super Bowl championship in 2014.

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Note: This story was updated for clarity and to add new information.

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