Boston Bruins

It’s been seven years since the Boston Bruins threw Vancouver into a riotous fit of rage.

The victors of a seven-game war for the 2011 Stanley Cup, Boston’s Game 7 beatdown of the Canucks began with the Bruins pouring melted ice from TD Garden on Vancouver’s rink. Now, you can find a full-on Bruins logo displayed at center ice, as well as some championship banners celebrating the B’s success both past and present, at a major Vancouver arena.

While not the current home of the Canucks, Pacific Coliseum served as the original home of the Canucks from 1970 to 1995. It was also the home of the Vancouver Giants of the Western Hockey League from 2001 to 2016. Milan Lucic, of course, played for the Giants from 2005 to 2007, and won a Memorial Cup with the Giants before leaving to join the Bruins in 2007.

…But seriously, what’s up with the Bruins logos and banners?

A hotbed as a filming location, the Coliseum is reportedly being used as a recurring filming location for ABC’s new show Million Little Things, which premieres this fall. The show is described as a dramatic comedy, takes place in Boston, and features tons of Bruins clips, jerseys, and shots at (what’s supposed to be) TD Garden in its official trailer. The Coliseum has filming history, too, as it was a shooting location for the Madison Square Garden scene in 2004’s ‘Miracle,’ as well as ‘Slam Dunk Earnest.’

Canucks fans, as shown in the replies to Lilji’s tweet, are not exactly thrilled with this.

Well, at least Brad Marchand hasn’t shown up yet.