New England Patriots

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady put a sudden end to his first press conference of the season Saturday.

It came when Brady was asked about personal trainer Alex Guerrero. More specifically, it came when Brady was asked if it was fair that people were connecting Guerrero to Julian Edelman’s four-game suspension for a performance-enhancing drug violation. But the fallout of the question, asked by The Boston Globe’s Ben Volin, probably did not go over as planned.

“I have no comments, just ridiculous,” Brady answered before ditching the scene. “I’m out. See you guys.”

By now, it’s obvious that there’s not a figure around the Patriots organization that’s more polarizing than Guerrero.

Brady’s “body coach” and the reason why Brady has been so successful this late in his career (this according to Brady himself), Guerrero was stripped of his on-field access by the Patriots late last season. Believed to have been a decision made by Patriots head coach Bill Belichick due to fundamental disagreements with Guerrero’s methods versus those of the team’s official trainers, the move forced Guerrero to treat players from his suite at Gillette Stadium or at the TB12 Center at Patriot Place.

Although Guerrero could still be found around the premises (he was in the locker room after the AFC Championship Game last year), that decision was rumored to be one of the biggest reasons for the friction between Belichick and Brady.

And Guerrero, for what it’s worth, did his part to separate himself from Edelman’s suspension. He even released a statement when the news first broke earlier this summer. Edelman, meanwhile, said that he still has love for Guerrero.

“What’s in the past is in the past. I love Alex [Guerrero] and ultimately I’m worried about just going out here and playing football,” Edelman said. “I’m not here to talk about or make a headline on something. I’m just here playing football buddy.”

Earlier this week, Belichick confirmed that Guerrero still does not have an official role with the Patriots.