Boston Celtics

On June 26, 18-year-old Boston Celtics fan Renard Matthews was shot and killed in New Orleans.

But in the aftermath of pure tragedy, Renard’s family memorialized his life at his wake by displaying him in position doing what he loved most: Playing NBA2K and cheering for his Celtics. Kyrie Irving jersey and socks included, too.

According to Matthews’ mom, Temeka, her son was a ‘homebody’ whose favorite athlete was indeed Irving.

While being buried in one’s favorite jersey is nothing new, Renard’s family completed the living tribute to Matthews’ favorites by taking it to another level, as an NBA2K on-screen simulation of a Celtics-Warriors game ran during Matthews’ wake, with the controller in the teen’s hands all the while.

The realistic tribute to Matthews also came with the teenager surrounded by some of his favorite snacks, including cereal, Doritos, zebra cakes, and a root beer.