Boston Bruins

Bruins general manger Don Sweeney stood in front of the assembled media at Warrior Ice Arena on Friday with the intentions of taking questions about the club’s annual Development Camp. But he absolutely knew what was coming.

This week is all about star free agent John Tavares, and the first question thrown Sweeney’s way was no exception.

“Lots of questions about development camp, well intended,” Sweeney said with a chuckle when asked where he stands with a certain free agent. “There will be ample opportunity during the interview period and there will be ample opportunity to answer all those questions so I’ll take all the time you want, you know, at the right time to answer them.”

Fair enough. Well how was the interview? We all saw you, Cam Neely, and Bruce Cassidy go out to Los Angeles.

“Lots of time to follow up on that at the right time. We were there, you’re right,” Sweeney said. “Very happy [to be there].”

OK, we see where this is going. (And it’s nowhere.)

So, is there anything you can tell us about the Tavares situation and where you stand?

“Not right now, I hope you all respect that. I’m not trying to be anything other than the obvious with regards to it,” Sweeney said. “To tell you the truth I don’t want to answer questions about it because this has always been an important week for us as well as the kids. Camp was a little different that we graduated some kids from the camp and into the next level and we feel good about that and now it’s about these guys that’ve just come in. It was a good week, they’ve been busy all week. Jamie [Langenbrunner] has done a really good job putting a special camp together and hopefully they take a lot away from it.”

But, Sweeney did provide one small nugget when asked if the Black and Gold would have to make some financial decisions elsewhere on their roster — likely a trade involving center David Krejci and/or David Backes — should they pull off the theoretical upset and sign the 27-year-old Tavares to a massive contract.

“I think other teams have admitted, we would have to make moves,” said Sweeney. “Pretty confident we’d be able to do that.”

Well, at least that’s something.