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By Matt Dolloff,

Chances are, you’ve already started following the rampant news and rumors as it regards to free agency in both the NBA and NHL. Both leagues kick off their official free agency periods on Sunday, July 1. And while both leagues have long gotten rolling with the rumors and hearsay, Sunday (perhaps as soon as 12:01 a.m.) is when the floodgates could open for real, hard breaking news.

So in light of that, it’s important for NBA and NHL fans who are interested in free agency to be as prepared as possible to get the news as soon as it rolls in. We’ll get to the accounts to follow in a moment, but first, some valuable advice for anyone with a smartphone who’s going to be scrolling through Twitter for reports…

Use mobile notifications.

I really can’t stress this enough. The only thing worse than missing out on a breaking report from a real, verified Twitter account is to get duped by the fake accounts that will be in full force this weekend. Those trolls are going to have two of their major championships going on at the same time, so if you’re not going to set up mobile notifications then you have to watch who’s reporting news like a hawk.

In case you need a quick primer, setting up mobile notifications is easy. Just go to the page for, say, Adrian Wojnarowski, on your phone. Tap the icon next to the “Following” button that looks like a bell, then tap “All Tweets” to enable notifications for all of the tweets that the user sends out. You should get instant messages on your phone when they tweet – so when Woj starts peppering everyone with his patented Woj-Bombs, you’ll be among the first people to get them.

So, that being said, here’s your master list of the Twitter accounts to follow this weekend – for both local news on the Celtics and Bruins, as well as the national reporters who will be breaking the news you need.

For Celtics/NBA News…


Bruins/NHL News…


At the Sports Hub…

@mattdolloff (#ShamelessPlug)

As long as you follow all these accounts, and especially if you use your mobile notifications, it should be nearly impossible for you to miss the breaking news that’s about to flood your timelines. And most importantly, you won’t be fooled by fake news either.

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