New England Patriots

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady sneakily dropped a hint regarding his football future by way of an Instagram comment.

But, as is often the case in our rapid fire society where two days ago is basically five years ago, Instagram’s algorithm buried it. That was until Tuesday, when a vigilant Felger and Mazz fan sent this ESPN post to 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Jim Murray and alerted him that Brady himself used his official Instagram account to comment on the page.

The quote ESPN posted was courtesy of the 40-year-old Brady’s interview with Oprah Winfrey on Sunday, where Winfrey asked Brady if he thinks about retirement. In addition to the quote above, and when asked if the ceiling was at 43 or 45 years old, Brady told the talk show legend that he would like to play so long as he’s still enjoying it.

But in the comments of ESPN’s post, Brady himself dropped the ‘cuarenta y cinco’ line, which translates to… 45.

What Brady meant by that and the three emoji that followed is anybody’s guess. But it would seem to line up with Brady’s original thoughts on retirement, which seemed to center around him doing the unthinkable and playing into his mid-40s.

Felger and Mazz talked about the comment and tried to decipher its meaning during the third hour of Tuesday’s show.