Boston Celtics

By Ty Anderson,

On the same day Stephen A. Smith reported that the Boston Celtics would be among the seven teams to take a meeting with LeBron James this summer, James carefully dropped a Boston sports reference in his postgame press conference.

“The margin of error is very low,” James said of playing the Warriors, who now lead the 2018 NBA Finals three games to none after Wednesday’s Game 3 win in Cleveland. “I mean, it’s almost like playing the Patriots, you can’t have mistakes.”

So, that’s something. Or maybe it’s nothing.

Upon first listen, the normal person inside me says that this is James simply paying respect to the NBA’s best by comparing them to the NFL’s best. But then the less rational side of me remembers that this is LeBron James we’re talking about here.

There’s not a professional athlete as hyperaware of everything around them than the 33-year-old James. This is the same man that once unfollowed the Cavaliers and everybody that had a thing to do with them as a way to get himself focused for the playoffs. In pursuit of being the best to ever do it, James has considered his legacy with every move on and off the court.

Upon his return to Cleveland, James worked on improving his body language to be a better leader. He even wanted to know more about a reporter earlier this postseason when that reporter told LeBron that he believed that he was a clutch player. “Not many people say that about me,” James told the reporter.

In other words, there’s not an update on LeBron’s past, present, or future that doesn’t get back to No. 23.

So when Stephen A. is in the lobby of The Q that morning talking about James taking meetings elsewhere this summer, and with Boston and Golden State mentioned as possible destinations much to the chagrin of Cleveland fans, we’re supposed to believe that this doesn’t get back to James? Or is even something he’s not even slightly aware of at some point on Wednesday?

Not a chance.

And also: This is the NBA. The one league where you should read into everything that’s said, tweeted, and liked.

Of course, in the now, it’s just a fun time-wasting, throwaway comment.

That’s until James compares going against Draymond Green to going against Brad Marchand, anyways.

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