In the midst of a pivotal series with the Astros, the Red Sox’ disabled list continued to grow.

It began with Mookie Betts (retroactive to May 29) placed on the 10-day disabled list on Friday with a left abdominal strain, and Dustin Pedroia joined the party on on Saturday (retroactive to May 30) with left knee inflammation.

In the case of Betts, the Red Sox believe that simply resting Betts for another week will allow him to return at 100 percent versus simply pushing himself when it’s not entirely necessary. Betts is hitting an MLB-best .359 this season, has posted the league’s second-best on-base percentage at .437, with 17 home runs and 37 RBIs in 48 games this season.

Pedroia’s situation is a touch more concerning, however, as it’s his surgically-repaired knee that appears to creating problems.

The 34-year-old, who is 1-for-11 since returning, said that his knee started acting up on Thursday during pregame warmups.

“I have to be honest with them right now,” Pedroia told reporters. “They said this is a part of it. This is why you have to be honest, so they can catch it before you have to be down for a while. That was it. I just told them. They just said, ‘Hey, it’s part of it.’ They knew this was going to happen certain days and today was one of those days. It stinks but it is what it is.”

With Betts and Pedroia on the disabled list and ineligible to return until June 6 in the case of Betts, the Red Sox have recalled left-handed pitcher Bobby Poyner and first baseman Sam Travis from Triple-A Pawtucket.