Boston Celtics

Joining 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Zolak & Bertrand on Wednesday, Celtics coach Brad Stevens gave the most Brad Stevens answer ever when asked if tonight’s Game 5 against the Cavaliers was the biggest game of his pro coaching career.

“I think every game is the biggest game,” Stevens said. “I don’t look at any game any differently, to be honest.”

But on the heels of the Celtics getting their heads kicked in with back-to-back defeats in Cleveland, the 41-year-old Celtic coach knows and expects emotions to be high with his undermanned and largely inexperienced squad in Game 5.

“I think it’s always gonna something where your emotions will be high,” Stevens said of his players’ emotions as they look to avoid a third straight loss. “These guys are passionate about what they do and they want to do really well. And I think it’s our job to talk about what we have to do on each possession and not overreact when something doesn’t go our way.”

For Stevens, that comes back to his team not getting discouraged when a defensive switch doesn’t go their way, when a shot doesn’t drop, or when a call is missed. And ultimately, the Celtics cannot find themselves getting beat in transition again.

“We need to be much better with the ball. Much better offensively,” Stevens, whose saw their 15 missed dunks and layups turn into points the other way in Game 4, saying that the Celtics started going for home runs instead of simple singles, said. “And then hopefully we can get back, set our defense, and make it as tough as possible.”

But Stevens isn’t exactly stressing over what the Celtics can or cannot do tonight, knowing that his team is in for a great challenge, with a best two-of-three series separating the Celtics from their first NBA Finals in eight years.

“I have a blast. I’m coaching basketball, are you kidding me? I realize what a joke it is that I get to do this for a living,” Stevens offered with a chuckle. “I’m looking forward to the challenge. We’re getting a chance to play and compete against the best player of this generation and guys that have been there and done that on a championship stage for them. Like Kevin Love is a good player, Kyle Korver is a good player, JR Smith is a good player, they’re getting contributions from a lot of guys.

“This is a great challenge, and I want our guys to have fun. The longer you’re in it — and I haven’t been in it as long as a lot of other people — the more I’ve come to appreciate the opportunities. I’m not losing sleep over things I can’t control.

“You just go after it. Go after it and compete.”

The Celtics are a perfect 9-0 at home this postseason.

You can listen to the complete interview with Stevens down below.