New England Patriots

In a month-long talk with the Patriots to restructure his current contract, which comes with a base salary under $10 million per year through the 2019 season, it appears that the Patriots and Gronkowski are making some headway.

Which could put the 6-foot-6 pass-catching behemoth back on the field with his Patriot teammates before the week’s end.

According to James Palmer of the NFL Network, the Patriots and Gronkowski are currently working in unison to restructure the tight end’s current contract, likely with similar incentives to last year’s contract restructure.

But the potential restructure comes with a caveat: per NFL rules, it cannot be announced until May 24th.

That’s because May 24th is exactly one year to the day of the Patriots’ last restructure of Gronkowski’s contract with production-based incentives and playing time related bonuses. Loaded up with $5.5 million in potential bonuses on last year’s contract, Gronkowski seemed to hit the halfway point on those benchmarks, as he made $10.2 million, up over $2 million from his $8 million salary.

If everything becomes official on May 24, the timeline will also line up to have No. 87 potentially join the team for the third day of OTAs at Gillette Stadium. Quarterback Tom Brady, meanwhile, is not expected to be at any OTAs this week.

The 29-year-old Gronkowski caught 69 passes last season, totaling 1,084 yards with eight touchdowns, and added 116 receiving yards with two touchdowns in New England’s Super Bowl LII loss to the Eagles.