Boston Celtics

By Matt Dolloff,

Part of what makes Brad Stevens such a good coach is that he handles everything with an even keel. He doesn’t overreact to the highs or the lows. That balance certainly helps this young Celtics team stay focused and give a consistent effort on the court.

It also lends itself to his press conferences and he tends to answer every question in his typically measured, professional manner. So Friday’s conference call took an unexpectedly hilarious turn when Brad’s demeanor collided with a couple of Big-J journalists. That would be Dan “Big Cat” Katz and “PFT Commenter”, hosts of Barstool Sports’ iconic Pardon My Take podcast and founders of internet phenomenon

Pardon My Take is known for brilliantly skewering the very idea of hot sports takes, often by engaging in satirical debates based on the real-life nonsense you get on a daily basis. Weekly segments include putting things like Millennials and jeans on the “Hot Seat” and calling for their fellow journalists to “Respect the Biz”.

So it’s no surprise to fans of the show that Big Cat would lead right out by asking Stevens if he’s coaching for his job.

Then, noted sports/politics/religion journalist “PFT” jumped in with a question of his own, hoping for Stevens to get into some good old-fashioned tampering. Are the Celtics signing LeBron James this offseason?

There you have it, folks. No denial from Coach Stevens. Get the #LeBronToBoston rumors rolling.

The press conference apparently ended abruptly after that portion. It’s understandable if the Celtics PR team wanted to cut things off at that point. But some of the other writers who were on the call? Different story.

Perhaps the best part of these kinds of moments is where the PMT guys expose the writers who take this whole thing too seriously, who get bogged down in self-importance, or who simply aren’t in on the joke. It’s an easy way to spot the ones who may need to just lighten up a little bit.

OK so maybe Trags can take a joke.

Anyway, it was surely a surreal morning for those who went into this expecting your standard run-of-the-mill conference call. Not happening when you have Big Cat and PFT on the prowl, asking the tough questions.

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