Boston Bruins

It appears that Bruins winger Brad Marchand just can’t keep his tongue inside his mouth these days.

One round after licking the Maple Leafs’ Leo Komarov at the end of a scrum, Marchand returned to his licking ways in a Game 4 loss to the Lightning, planting a big one directly on the face of Tampa Bay forward Ryan Callahan.

The lick came in the immediate aftermath of a massive Marchand hit on Callahan, and with the veteran winger looking for some post-whistle retribution against Boston’s agitator supreme.

“Well, he punched me four times in the face, so you know, he just kept getting close,” Marchand said of the events leading up to his second lick of the postseason. “Nothing big.”

The Lightning did not agree with Marchand, however, and viewed it as something big.

Callahan said he didn’t know what the difference between licking and spitting in someone’s face is, while the Tampa Bay bench boss struggled to find the exact way to phrase what he wanted to say about Marchand’s antics.

“All I’m going to say is there is absolutely no place in our game for that,” Lightning head coach Jon Cooper said after the game. “I don’t get it, I don’t understand it, I don’t. How would you feel if I walked over to you right now and gave you one big lick? Right from the chin all the way up, there’s just no place in the game for that.”

Down three games to one, Marchand and the B’s will look to push this series back to Boston with a Sunday win in Tampa. With their tongues off the faces of their opponents, I would have to imagine.