Boston Celtics

The 76ers won Game 3 over the Celtics. Except they didn’t. In fact, they never did.

Unfortunately for whoever operates the celebratory confetti at Wells Fargo Center, that person is beyond red-faced on Saturday night as the Sixers lost Game 3 to the Celtics to go down 3-0 in their opening round playoff series. That’s because after Marco Belinelli tied the game with a two-pointer at the buzzer in regulation, the confetti rained down as if Philly had won on a three.

So, naturally, Twitter took close notice of the peculiar premature celebration, even as the game went to overtime. Onlookers certainly had plenty of time to get their 280-character quips out, since crews had to come in and sweep all the unnecessary confetti off the floor. Many wondered why the Sixers would have confetti ready in the first place, even if they did win. They’d still only be down 2-1.

Instead, they ended up down 0-3 and couldn’t have more egg on their faces.

And it got even better after the Celtics sealed the win, officially making Saturday night “The Confetti Game” forever. The Sixers had to take their lumps after perhaps the most poorly timed confetti drop in American history.

And the poor guy in charge of the confetti even got identified – while wearing an all-too-fitting shirt for the moment.

The 76ers will have to win on Monday night in Philadelphia to keep their season alive. But you have to think there’s no coming back from that.

Hard to recover from losing the game, too.

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