Boston Celtics

Kyrie Irving may be out for the season, but his alter ego is still kickin’ and coming to a theater near you.

Created by Pepsi and featured in countless commercials, the ‘Uncle Drew’ character features Kyrie Irving as an elderly man that looks anything but on a basketball court, and was first announced as bound for the big screen in Feb. 2017.

And now we have another trailer letting you know what you’re in for.

Along with Irving, former NBA players Reggie Miller, Shaquille O’Neal, Nate Robinson, and Chris Webber will also portray players in their elderly years. Former WNBA star Lisa Leslie will be featured in the movie as well.

Nick Kroll, Tiffany Haddish, and J.B. Smoove are among the actors to also be featured in the movie. Lil Rel, also in the movie, revealed that Irving found out about his trade from Cleveland to Boston while filming the movie last summer.

Uncle Drew hits a crossover into theaters on June 29.