Boston Bruins

Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy spoke about Brad Marchand’s recent licking antics with Leafs forward Leo Komarov as part of an interview with Toucher & Rich on Friday. Unlike the league, which reportedly told the Bruins to tell him to bite his tongue, Cassidy didn’t have an issue with it. Except for Marchand’s breath.

“I bought him some Mentos and told him to have at it,” said Cassidy. “What the heck, it’s a good storyline.”

Cassidy acknowledged that Marchand and trouble with the league is nothing new, but this whole licking “controversy” is certainly new territory. It’s a question whether the NHL can even do anything about it, since there’s no clear penalty for doing what he did. But Cassidy is fine with him resorting to licking opponents if it means he’ll avoid the dirtier plays that have gotten him suspended in the past.

“They have Marchy’s hotline, I’m sure if they want to give him a message they’ll give him one,” said Cassidy. “Marchy’s always got something up his sleeve, so I’m sure he’ll have a good comeback for this, if the league has reached out to him. Hopefully he doesn’t get himself in any trouble. I told you this before, if this is the worst he does we’re all happier, right? Because you know Marchy can go the other way (laughs).

“I thought it was funny. It gave the league some publicity, so I’m not sure what they’re all worked up [about]. [Komarov] didn’t seem to be all that worked up.”

Asked whether Brad Marchand has “practiced” his licking antics before, Cassidy replied: “Well he likes [Patrice Bergeron] a lot, we can ask Bergy.”

Marchand took to Twitter on Friday morning to call “Fake News” on reports that the league asked the Bruins to tell him to stop licking other players. So perhaps they’re not as worked up about it as it seems.

Listen above for the full interview!