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30,000+ run the Boston Marathon each year. Each with a purpose, a story, a reason.

There are the winners: Tatyana McFadden, Marcel Hug, Desiree Linden, Yuki Kawauchi.

There are friends and relatives who run, yet aren’t lauded on the front page, but are celebrated by those who know and love them.

And then, there are those stories that give you chills – the good kind.

Mary’s Story

Mary Shertenlieb, who happens to be married to one half of our morning show at the Sports Hub, Toucher & Rich’s Rich Shertenlieb, ran the 2018 Boston Marathon on Monday.

Many long time listeners of The Sports Hub know Mary. They know of her powerful story.

How she was diagnosed with leukemia five years ago. How she battled back with the support of Rich, their two boys, Hank and Max, and countless family and friends.

How Mary is now in remission and running the Boston Marathon for Dana Farber, having collected over $33,000 in donations.

Mary’s Marathon

Taking off from Hopkinton just after 11am Monday morning, Mary made it to Wellesley before the unseasonable temperatures and driving rain caused her to pause.

We say pause, because she didn’t fully stop.

Fifteen and a half miles in, around 4pm Monday, Mary ended up following doctors’ orders.

Rich explained in a post on social media.

“At that point, her body began to shiver uncontrollably, her lips turned purple, and because of her compromised immune system, her doctors instructed her to stop running in the rain should this happen.”

At 8:30pm, Monday night, she started up again, with Rich by her side.

Wellesley Dunkin’ Donuts

“The rain has now stopped, and with dry clothes, we are now at the Dunkin Donuts in Wellesley where she stopped running at 4PM. We will now finish Mary’s journey to the finish line together. Let’s go,” Rich posted.

The two made their way along a darkened marathon route, together. With thousands cheering them on through social media.

Heartbreak Hill

By 9:45pm, Rich and Mary had made it to Heartbreak Hill in Newton, and the well-wishes continued to pour in.

Cleveland Circle

Just before 11pm, we got word that the Shertenlieb’s had arrived in Cleveland Circle.

Kenmore Square

As the clock struck midnight, there was word in the form of the Citgo sign in Kenmore.

Right On Hereford

Just after 12:10am Tuesday, Mary and Rich were rounding the corner heading for Boylston Street, WBZ-TV’s Dan Roche was standing by at the finish line to meet them.

Boylston St – Finish Line

Mary Shertenlieb finally finished the 122nd Boston Marathon just a few minutes after midnight on Tuesday, April 17, 2018.