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Please let us introduce you to the Boston Red Sox’s newest “scout,” David Price, as he breaks down the newest Red Sox addition, J.D. Martinez.

With the signing, Price is now reuniting with his former teammate, who he spent some time with during the 2014 and 2015 seasons as a member of the Detroit Tigers. The Sox starting pitcher even went to great lengths to convince and recruit the free agent slugger to Boston.

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Price had a lot of good things to say about the outfielder during a recent media scrum at JetBlue Park.

“He’s a great teammate,” said Price.

That’s always good to hear, especially since the Red Sox had some alleged issues in the clubhouse over the course of last season.

“He’s a great player,” Price reenforced.

He should a be a “great” player after receiving a whopping $110 million over the course of five seasons.

He hits for “tons of power” and has “power to all fields,” says Price.

Perfect. The Red Sox NEED that power bat in the middle of the order.

Martinez’s numbers over the last four seasons:

2014: 123 Games: AVG: .315 – HR: 23 – RBI: 76 – 2B: 30 OBP: .358 – SLG: .553 – OPS: .912 – SO: 126 – BB: 30

2015: 158 Games: AVG: .282 – HR: 38 – RBI: 102 – 2B: 33 – OBP: .344 – SLG: .535 – OPS: .879 – SO: 178 – BB: 53

2016: 120 Games: AVG: .307 – HR: 22 – RBI: 68 – 2B:35 – OBP: .373 – SLG: .535 – OPS: .908 – SO: 128 – BB: 49

2017: 119 Games: AVG: .303 – HR: 45 – RBI: 104 – 2B: 26 – OBP: .376 – SLG: .690 – OPS: 1.066 – SO: 128 – BB: 53

He’s apparently teachable and isn’t afraid to take advice from fellow players because Price says that Martinez “took after Miggy’s [Miguel Cabrera] approach and it worked well for him.”

So is this why all of a sudden Martinez started smashing bombs all over the place once he got to Detroit?

Overall the signing of Martinez, 30, was a “really good acquisition” for the Red Sox, according to Price.

It’s tough to disagree with Price there, it was good acquisition for the team. The seven-year veteran can bring a new perspective into the clubhouse and can help to bring in that much needed fresh air.

He’s clearly a dependable player, since he’s played less than 113 games only twice (2011 and 2013) over his seven years in the league.

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Plus he’s seems to be comfortable playing both corner outfield positions, posting a .983 career fielding percentage through 439 games in right field and 284 in left. *Note: He’s been the designated hitter in 38 career games.

Time will tell if signing Martinez was the right move, but at least there’s an “opt-out” after two years just in case things don’t work out here in Boston. But lets try to be optimistic here and say he’s going to do just fine as a Red Sox.

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