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It’s no secret now that David Price is not a fan of the negativity that has swirled around him in Boston. Pretty much since he arrived. Some of it deserved, some of it over-the-top. But apparently, that didn’t stop him from encouraging J.D. Martinez to sign here.

Speaking to Bob Nightengale of USA Today, Price opened up further on the experience of playing for the Red Sox and how he’s dealt with it. For the most part, he’s dealt with it poorly and he admits that. To the point that he’s practically quit social media altogether.

But still, he spent plenty of time talking to Martinez, his former teammate with the Tigers, to tell him what it’s like to play in Boston. Specifically, his experience – which wasn’t quite as positive as he would’ve liked.

Clearly, Martinez wasn’t deterred.

“It is tough here,” said Price. “There’s just so much more negativity. I’ve never been one for negative stuff. I like surrounding myself by positive people. Even if my wife starts talking negatively, I let her know. I just can’t stand it.

“I can remember [Vanderbilt] coach [Tim] Corbin is always preaching that positive, positive word, positive vibe, positive environment. I feel like I’m the same way. I try to find the positive in everything. … Sometimes, that’s tough.”

David Price (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

David Price (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

One of Price’s stranger comments, however, came when asked if he told Martinez that Red Sox fans would boo him.

“Oh yeah, he’ll get booed,” Price laughs. “I told J.D. he will love the guys here in this clubhouse, but also told him he’ll get booed. He’s a quiet, soft-spoken guy, but he’ll handle it. Besides, everyone gets booed. I heard Big Papi get booed many times in Fenway. … I’m ready to turn that page, and start that new chapter.”

‘Scuse me? David Ortiz? Booed? During his final season?

Nightengale isn’t a local reporter, so it’s understandable that he’d let that Ortiz part go. But Price is pretty much making stuff up there. Not sure Ortiz has ever been booed, let alone at any point in his final season (Price’s first in Boston).

But let’s not lose sight of what he’s saying, here: if Martinez stinks, he probably will get booed at some point. The fans can be tough on players in prolonged slumps, for sure. Especially if it’s a high-priced free agent like Martinez. Hopefully, he can just block it out if it happens.

Price did acknowledge that he needs to lead the Red Sox better than he did last season. The hope is that he can, finally, overcome whatever negativity comes his way. Same for Martinez. Perhaps Price finally realized he should just ignore the noise.

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