New England Patriots

Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers but everyone deserves to get a card on this “special” day from their favorite player or coach, especially from members of the New England Patriots.

As you cruise social media, it’s tough not to come across a meme or like six.

So there’s an account out there called “NFL Memes,” in case you haven’t heard of it and they come up with some hysterical memes, tossing shade at NFL players, coaches and others associated with the league.

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This year they decided to put together a Valentine’s Day card gallery, featuring some hot takes and funny references. Some will make you laugh and other will tick you off. But either way, they’re going to get you riled up as a Patriots fan.

Here’s a few that feature the likes of Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, the Atlanta Falcons, and others.

You don’t have to do that Tom!


This sounds like a good idea Pete!


Call me maybe?


Talk about a low blow! (But…28-3)


Can Butler get benched for any longer than he already has?


Wow! SMH.


And Kaepernick will throw it all away for you!


At least there’s something you won’t be trying to cheat on, Bill.


This one probably showed up on Roger Goodell’s desk.


Well the Easter stuff is already up in the stores, so Bill makes a good point here.


Hopefully you got a kick out of these memes as you enjoy this Hallmark holiday with the ones we love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

—  By John ‘The Dude’ Hardiman,

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