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Following the New England Patriots’ loss last night, former NFL cornerback Brandon Browner took to Instagram to defend Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler after getting benched in Super Bowl LII.

Browner, a two-time Super Bowl champion and former Patriots cornerback (2014) didn’t hesitate to voice his opinion following the Patriots’ loss in Minneapolis to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Read The Instagram Caption Below:

Apparently injured Patriots linebacker Dont’a Hightower and former Pats linebacker Jamie Collins seem to agree with Browner, since they both hit the post with the double-tap for the like.

Browner’s post also drew likes from Saints safety Roman Harper, Colts cornerback Kenny Moore II and Texans cornerback Kareem Jackson.

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The big question here is how did Browner know that the “locker room was divided pre-game?”

Does he have a source in the locker room? Is it the same person that was feeding Seth Wickersham the dirty details to help form his recent Patriots piece?

He does make a good point though. The Patriots were getting “hurt/burnt where he was needed.” And it was quite evident throughout the game because Eric Rowe kept getting toasted by Alshon Jeffery and the Eagles offense.

Even though coach Bill Belichick doesn’t have a “Snapface” or “Instabook,” there’s no doubt he’ll catch wind that his injured star linebacker is supporting Butler. Now what he decides to do about it, is on him. Just don’t trade him, Bill. That’s all we’re asking here in Patriots Nation.

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