New England Patriots

Tom Brady is disputing the legend that he told Robert Kraft after the Patriots selected him in the 2000 NFL Draft, “I’m the best decision this organization has ever made.” But the Patriots owner is sticking to his guns on that.

As reported by the Boston Herald’s Steve Buckley on Wednesday, Kraft insists the original quote really happened. And he couldn’t resist poking fun at the 40-year-old Brady for being a bit long in the tooth.

“When you get to be as old as him maybe your memory is short,” said Kraft, speaking after Roger Goodell’s Super Bowl press conference in Minneapolis. “That’s one thing I’ll never forget, because I remember calling my son Jonathan and telling him.

“They claim I don’t remember certain things. That one I remember, and I remember the look in his eyes and exactly how he said it.”

What If They’re Both Right?

OK, since Kraft is clearly digging in his heels on this one, how about a compromise? Here’s how the conversation might have gone:

Kraft: “You’re our new quarterback?”

Brady: “Yep. And I’m the best decision this organization has ever made.”

Kraft: “Is that so?”

Brady: “Yeah, you’ll never regret picking me.”

This way, they can both be right. But regardless of what Brady said, he was saying something insanely prophetic.

— By Matt Dolloff,

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