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Tom Brady throws to Julian Edelman in episode 3 of "Tom vs Time". (Photo credit: Facebook Watch)

Remember those stories about the ranch in Montana where Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola ventured out to work with Tom Brady? Tom vs Time episode 3 gives a fascinating inside look at those mysterious workouts.

The new episode of the Gotham Chopra-directed documentary, titled “Chapter III: The Social Game”, focuses mostly on Brady’s relationship with Edelman and Amendola. It’s clear in these workout videos why the pair have become Brady’s most trusted wide receivers in recent years.

But like any close friendship or strong working relationship, they’re not above the occasional argument either. Brady is shown repeatedly bickering with Edelman over various parts of their outdoor workouts.

They also argue over the philosophy of the “TB12 Method” that Brady shares with trainer Alex Guerrero. Edelman can’t believe how much he’s getting killed for lifting weights so much – just a bench press, according to him. But Brady and Guerrero deny that they’re simply anti-weights. Brady remarks in the clip, “Weights with pliability are optimal.”

Tom vs Time Episode 3: Bold Predictions

Tom Brady throws to Julian Edelman in Tom vs Time episode 3. (Photo credit: Facebook Watch)

Tom Brady throws to Julian Edelman in episode 3 of “Tom vs Time”. (Photo credit: Facebook Watch)

One clip that will get Patriots fans excited is one of Brady talking about the Patriots’ schedule before they played the Jets in Week 6. As subtly cocky as Brady sounds, he turned out to be completely justified in predicting that the Patriots would end up 6-2 at the bye.

“We get the Jets, 4-2,” said Brady. “That’s a big game against Atlanta … we’ll pull it out, 5-2. Then San Diego, 6-2.”

He couldn’t even get the Los Angeles Chargers’ name right. But hey, he wasn’t wrong about the wins.

The episode ends with a montage of Brady’s predicted win streak coming to fruition. And instead of a conversation in the car, Brady shares a nice moment with his daughter Vivian.

You can watch the full video at the top. And if you’re not caught up, you should also check out Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

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