New England Patriots

Minnesota Vikings fans may have found the perfect way to get back at the Philadelphia Eagles and their annoying fans.

Since last weekend’s loss, rumors have been flying around about how the “local” Vikings fan will get revenge on the visiting Philly fans during the upcoming Super Bowl Week and Weekend.

One thing is for sure, the Viking faithful are working hard to devise a plan to put a kink in their Super Bowl experience.

“A handful of Vikings fans have taken to Twitter and Facebook in recent days to recruit people who will either throw things at those in Eagles jerseys — beer or “folding chairs,” specifically — or sign up to be Uber drivers only to drop visiting Eagles fans off at the wrong locations,” according to CBS Sports.

Check out some of the tweets between Vikings and Eagles fans below:

And it goes on…

How about 28-3?…Or 34-28?

What’s a random location? Bed Bath & Beyond?

Meanwhile in Minnesota…

Members of #PatriotsNation shouldn’t have to worry about getting messed with by the locals, but you never know! So be careful out there Pats fans.

And just remember if you’re going, we are hated by mostly everybody. And I mean EVERYBODY. It will forever be “New England VS. EVERYBODY!”

—  By John ‘The Dude’ Hardiman,

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