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Tom vs Time episode 1 is now available on Facebook, and you can check it out below. A must-watch for Patriots fans, it features behind-the-scenes looks at Tom Brady’s training at the TB12 center and also his home life.

It starts off with Brady pulling out albums from specific Patriots seasons. He shows off his 2016 suspension letter from the NFL, which he keeps for his own personal enjoyment. He also reads from Bill Belichick’s notes about the Super Bowl from a team meeting:

“Prepare and play well. The Super Bowl environment is all about hype and ridiculous bull-[expletive] that will go on. … It’s a great week. It’s about competition. The two best teams on the biggest stage. The team that wins is the one that works the hardest.”

He also has a quote that explains how he’s kept himself motivated to win, even after five Super Bowls.

“Being mentally tough is putting all that BS aside, everything that’s happened, all that noise, all the hype, and just focusing on what you gotta do.”

Tom vs Time Episode 1: Watch Below

The episode, titled “Chapter 1: The Physical Game”, recounts the Patriots’ Super Bowl LI comeback and subsequent ring celebration. Brady is shown in his suit with his rings (“I wish I got ’em polished, man!”) before heading to the event.

But of course, for Brady, the celebration was short-lived.

“The joys of winning are great, but I sweep those under the rug so fast,” said Brady “There’s a brief moment in time where I enjoy the experience of winning. And then I’m thinking about the next game and I’m thinking about winning again.”

Tom vs Time Episode 1: Other Highlights

The latter third of the episode takes the first look inside Brady’s training at the TB12 center, including the first appearance of trainer Alex Guerrero. They do some extremely intense-looking muscle training, presumably for “pliability” purposes. At times it’s unintentionally hilarious, but it looks legit. The 40-year-old Brady remarks that he wishes he did a of the things he does now when he was 22 – obviously, it’s worked out for him in recent years.

Guerrero explained in part how he and the TB12 center prepare Brady to take hits better, something that he’s long excelled at. Part of the reason Brady has avoided major injuries is his ability to avoid or absorb contact effectively.

“Prior to the season starting, we really try to get his brain to understand that there’s going to be impact and then prepare his body for the impact,” said Gurerro. “To almost feel that it’s normal behavior for him.”

Tom vs Time episode 1 features the first inside look at Tom Brady in the TB12 Center. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots celebrates with trainer Alex Guerrero after defeating the New York Jets 22-17 at MetLife Stadium on Nov. 27, 2016.(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Tom vs Time Episode 1: In Summary

One of the top highlights of the episode is Brady saying: “So when you’re 39 and most guys go ughhh [while throwing a football], I can fire that mother-[expletive].” Fans of the other 31 teams can’t feel good about that. Another highlight is after the Patriots’ season-opening loss, where Brady is shown in the car ride home with his wife Gisele Bundchen. A solemn Brady says simply, “We were just so s****y,” as Gisele tries to console him.

Of course, the season to date certainly worked out better than it looked for the Patriots that night. There’s still a job left to do, and it may not be the best look for Brady if he can’t finish it off in Super Bowl LII against the Eagles. But there’s little reason to feel that he can’t do just that. And overall, episode 1 reveals a well-crafted documentary by Gotham Chopra that fans of Brady and the Patriots will enjoy.

Episode 2 of “Tom vs Time” premieres on Sunday, Jan. 28 on Facebook.

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