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The Patriots-Jaguars Sound FX highlights are here, and they’re spectacular.

The NFL released the newest game audio from the AFC Championship Game online on Thursday, spotlighting the game’s biggest moments and plenty of emotional reactions from players on both teams. The pivotal fourth quarter, as you’d expect, dominates much of the clip.

Popping up in the Sound FX video are clips from Tom Brady in the Patriots huddle and encouragement for Dion Lewis after his fumble. Most strikingly, Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey essentially predicted the Patriots’ comeback coming in the fourth quarter.

Patriots-Jaguars Sound FX: Top Quotes

“Hey Dion, let’s get ready to make a play. Let’s get ready to make the next one.” — Patriots coach to Dion Lewis after his fumble

“We never said it was gonna be easy. We just said we’re gonna go get it done.” — Brandin Cooks on the Patriots bench

“Whatever it takes!” — Tom Brady in the huddle

“Fourth quarter they’re gonna try to turn it up. We gotta be on our Ps and Qs first.” — Jalen Ramsey before the Patriots’ comeback

“Great opportunity right here, boys.” — Brady in the huddle, presumably before the go-ahead touchdown drive

“Four plays! Four plays! And we’re in the Super Bowl!” — Devin McCourty before the Patriots’ final defensive stand

“Let’s go [expletive] get it!” — Amendola to Brady during the postgame celebration

You can check out the full video from the Pats’ AFC Championship win over the Jags at

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