Boston Celtics

Marcus Smart missed Wednesday night’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers due to injury.

The Celtics point guard “lacerated” his hand on glass at the team hotel, and required stitches.

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As Toucher & Rich discussed on Thursday morning, Celtics coach Brad Stevens seemed a little hesitant to answer questions in too much detail about it.

“I don’t know the full story. We’re learning more about that. Mike Zarren and Brian Dolan were with him at the hospital with him.,” Stevens told reporters before the game.

“It doesn’t sound like a long-term injury, but we’re doing more research on how it happened.”

“How do you not know more about what happened?” Rich wondered on-air this morning.

“You have access to Marcus Smart, you could ask him.”

“The fact that they’re investigating this — and that was the statement the team put out — they’re investigating this, that doesn’t sound too good,” Jon Wallach agreed.

Hear the exchange from Thursday morning on Toucher & Rich below.