New England Patriots

There may be free beer in Philadelphia if the Eagles somehow beat the Patriots in Super Bowl LII next week.

Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson promised he would give out “beer to everybody” if the team won the Super Bowl this year.

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He made that vow back in August, according to a report from ESPN.

Some six months later, it appears the only thing standing between the City of Brotherly Love and free cans of frosty cold ones, is the New England Patriots.

Bud Light Doubles Down On Lane Johnson’s Promise

While the free beer commitment to 1.5 million people could be considered the rantings of a lunatic, Bud Light made it seem a little more real with a tweet back in August.

After being reminded by a Barstool Sports employee, Johnson checked back in with the beer to see if they were still in.

Then, just this weekend, a fan dropped a line to Bud Light’s Twitter account.

The Sports Hub reached out to Anheuser-Busch to see how they planned to make this happen.

“We still plan to honor our commitment and have an epic celebration,” a Bud Light spokesperson responded in an e-mail to the Sports Hub.

“We will keep our plans under wraps until the outcome of the Super Bowl is determined.”

So it appears the free beer promise may still be on, if Philly can win its first Super Bowl.

Of course, that’s a tall order against the five time world champion New England Patriots.

Bud Light, we like free beer too, you know!