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Eagles fans, and Philadelphia fans in general, have a reputation for being … passionate. For being … aggressive? However you want to describe them, there’s no doubt that they know how to celebrate in wild and unpredictable fashion.

It may be unfair to categorize all of them this way, but there’s certainly a crazy corner of Philly fans somewhere. And Sunday night was its best chance in years to show up in public.

Thanks to an epic collection of clips from Barstool Sports, elated Eagles fans made their presence felt all over Philadelphia on Sunday night. You had all kinds of standard run-of-the-mill fan riot behavior, of course amplified because this is Philly and Eagles fans have a Super Bowl to watch in two weeks.

Eagles Fans: Video Highlights

You had some fire:

You had a fan running directly into a pillar like Fairuza Balk in Almost Famous.

As for the other poles and lampposts throughout the city, well … rubbing them with Crisco didn’t exactly stop fans from scaling them throughout the night.

And obviously, some Eagles fans got the famous Rocky steps involved. Like this fan driving a friggin’ dune buggy up them.

But above all else, this quick video sums up the evening. This clip looks like Martin Scorsese staged it. Whoever captured this is an artistic genius.

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Fans of the other 30 teams can weep now that they not only have to deal with the Patriots and Eagles in the Super Bowl, but both fanbases invading Minneapolis as well. Based on this video evidence, you know the Eagles fans are going to bring it.

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