New England Patriots

It could be ‘on to Detroit’ for Matt Patricia, according to an ESPN report published Sunday morning.

The sports network claims they have league sources that place the Patriots defensive coordinator as the frontrunner for the Lions’ head coach position.

Patricia hasn’t officially agreed to anything yet, ESPN reports, saying that he and Detroit would negotiate contract details after the Patriots season ends.

New England Could Lose Three Assistant Coaches

Matt Patricia isn’t the only member of the New England coaching staff that is reportedly looking for a promotion.

Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is reportedly at the top of both the Indianapolis Colts and the New York Giants’ list for head coaching prospects.

Brian Flores, the Patriots linebacker coach is also a rumored favorite to coach the Arizona Cardinals next year.

Rumors vs. Contracts

No official offers have been extended to any of the three prospects, due to NFL rules, which prohibit employment discussions before their current season ends.

The Patriots continue their season, heading to the AFC Championship game with a 35-14 win over the Tennessee Titans.