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The Max Kellerman Twitter page is apparently flooded with angry Patriots fans. And the outspoken ESPN host would like them to leave him alone now.

Kellerman, who fires off daily scorchers on ESPN’s “First Take”, has become infamous in New England over the past two seasons. That’s because he continues to stick to his “cliff” argument regarding Tom Brady’s eventual decline. Things haven’t exactly gone according to plan for him since he first uttered the word “cliff,” but Brady’s recent games have given him some added fuel.

Now, in the wake of ESPN’s controversial new Patriots story, Kellerman is facing a fresh wave of salt from all corners of New England. He went directly and I mean directly at Patriots fans on Wednesday’s “First Take” with a rather nasty rant. Clearly, he considers himself intellectually superior to the entirety of Patriot Nation, not just a handful of people.

Max Kellerman Twitter Plea: 'Please leave me alone' (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Max Kellerman (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Max Kellerman Twitter Plea: Don’t Be Stupid

“Patriots fans who have been tweeting at me a lot. … Really, for an organization that is the smartest in football, they have some of the dumbest fans in sports,” said Kellerman. “These are the kinds of tweets I get. Dumb. Duhhh, like dumb! Like, duhhh.

“‘Belichick, Brady and Kraft all denied it, therefore why are you keeping it a story?’ What do you think they’re gonna do, admit it!? How stupid do you have to be? Of course they’re gonna deny it! The question is, do you find it credible? Hell yeah I find it credible!”

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Whether or not you find the ESPN story credible is besides the point. Not sure why Kellerman felt the need to make noises and denigrate the entire fanbase over a few disagreeable tweets. Other than to bring more attention to himself, of course. There are smart and stupid fans in every single fan base out there, after all.

You know, it would be a real shame if Patriots fans started sending even more tweets in Kellerman’s direction. In fact, perhaps he deserves an apology. You can find him at @MaxKellerman on Twitter to share your thoughts.

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