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Isaiah Thomas jokes during his introductory press conference for the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sept. 7, 2017. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Isaiah Thomas once again took to Twitter to address the Celtics’ decision to trade him. This time, he says he’s not the one who wants to keep talking about it.

The former C’s guard has not been shy in recent weeks about tackling the trade that packaged him to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Kyrie Irving. He reflected on it multiple times during his recovery from his hip injury, which could be in the rear view mirror next month. Perhaps his Cavs debut comes against the Celtics on Jan. 3.

Isaiah opened up on his hip injury in an interview with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols that aired on Christmas. He said that he probably should have sat out the Celtics’ playoff run – and implied that the C’s should’ve given him more information about how long the injury was going to shut him down.

The interview came days after the latest entry on The Players’ Tribune for the Book of Isaiah II documentary. The fifth chapter chronicles the day he was traded in a video recorded for the doc at the time (fair warning: there’s a little bit of foul language in there).

Isaiah Thomas: “Don’t Get Mad At Me”

He’s apparently faced a lot of criticism for continuing to talk about the Celtics and the trade, because he took to Twitter on Tuesday to address the idea that he’s the one looking to bring up the trade. According to him, the Isaiah Thomas trade is a more important topic for interviewers and fans than for Isaiah Thomas.

His second tweet, which can be seen in full here, shouts out the Cavs and predicts a “special” 2018. A third tweet called for his followers to blame the media for perpetuating the narrative more than him for bringing it up.

There’s no doubt that Isaiah has frequently fielded questions about Danny Ainge’s decision to trade him. His frustration with that is understandable at this point. That’s especially true considering the amount of blame heading his way for the trade continuing be a major media storyline. And even if he just kept giving non-answers, articles (like this one!) will be written either way.

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However, Isaiah isn’t completely off the hook when it comes to talking about the trade. He has a lot more control over what the Players’ Tribune publishes than whatever reporters ask him. So he should at least accept some responsibility for making his feelings about the trade known publicly.

Revenge On His Mind?

Still, reports may suggest that Isaiah is fuming and is thirsty for revenge once he faces the Celtics. He reacted calmly and in a measured manner in the video about the trade. He’s accepting, despite his shock that the C’s would trade him after everything he accomplished and went through for them. So anyone who implies that Isaiah is just looking to rant is exaggerating.

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But he’s also admitted he can’t complain about going to the Cavs. Hopefully, once Isaiah comes back, the focus can shift to what he does on the court rather than off it.

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