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Every member of Patriots Nation was more than likely cursing Mark Wahlberg last February when he was seen leaving Super Bowl LI before the New England Patriots could pull off the greatest comeback win in the history of sports.When this all went down, everyone thought that this “Patriots Honk” had given up on the team and that his son wasn’t really “sick” like he said, but it has come to light that he wasn’t telling us the whole story.

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Wahlberg, his wife Rhea Durham, and their children were spotted leaving the game before the Patriots could rip off 25 second-half points (**28-3**) to tie things up and force overtime, where James White was able to score the game-winning touchdown against the Atlanta Falcons.

According to a recent interview with Men’s Health, his 8-yeard-old son, Brendan, wasn’t handling the game well and “was spitting out F-bombs and going crazy. It was bad. He was lying down on the carpet. He was very upset.”

Rhea wanted to stay, but Wahlberg wasn’t having it, like most parents when dealing with a child throwing a tantrum. At this point they decided to leave the game early without truly knowing the fate of their beloved Patriots.

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The magazine goes onto ask ‘if his son learned a valuable lesson about not giving up on your team.’ Wahlberg responds with a, “Heck no. He’s a vicious sore loser. He wants the ball. He hates when his brother gets it. When he doesn’t get the ball, he goes crazy. He throws rocks.”

Either way, Wahlberg is still blaming his kids for the early exit from the Super Bowl. And I’m still sitting here asking myself, who in their right mind would leave the SUPER BOWL, of all things, early? Like, really dude? I’m no parent, but if I were at the Super Bowl of all places, I’d find a way to make it work. I can promise you that!

Relive the final moment of Super Bowl LI:

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