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LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 07: In this photo illustration, the Twitter logo and hashtag '#Ring!' is displayed on a mobile device as the company announced its initial public offering and debut on the New York Stock Exchange on November 7, 2013 in London, England. Twitter went public on the NYSE opening at USD 26 per share, valuing the company's worth at an estimated USD 18 billion. (Photo by Bethany Clarke/Getty Images)

Back in October, a story about actress Charlyne Li’s accusations against David Cross sent Fred Toucher off on a rant of epic proportions. Not against Li or against Cross, but against Twitter.

“Oh, Twitter. Oh my God, Twitter. GOD I HATE TWITTER! WHY DON’T THEY HAVE A CONVERSATION?!” Fred said as he launched into a tirade that quickly became one of the best moments of the show for 2017.

“What is going on? Everyone, get off Twitter. You know what I would not do, is respond to anybody on Twitter. What’s the deal now? So the deal now is that you’ve come out and you say that I said something mean to you how many years ago, so what exactly do you want out of this? Do you want me to be fired? Twitter, man.”

“By the way, the president is having a fight with a senator on Twitter. Do you understand how insane this is? Do you understand how damaging this is? We are so stupid. We’re a bunch of apes that have been handed a bottle and we’re gathering around it in mystery. This is ludicrous. This is so dumb. Stop talking on the internet.”

Listen to the whole rant below.